Buenos Aires

There are very few words that can do justice to Buenos Aires. Think Paris in South America. The city is nothing short of spectacular–it has a very European vibe, but a completely different culture. The restaurants here are some of the best in the continent. We highly recommend paying a visit to our 5 or 4.5 fork rated Buenos Aires restaurants–you will not be disappointed!

We’re still working on reviews, but here are the ratings!

5 forks:

1. Burger Joint, Palermo Soho, American

2. Roux, Recoleta, Modern Argentine

3. Las Pizarras Bistro, Palermo Soho, Modern Argentine

4. The Factory, Palermo Soho, Juice Bar

5. Floreria Atlantico, Recoleta, Bar

6. Helena Bar and Resto, Palermo Soho, Cafe

7. El Rey de Chori, San Telmo, Choripan and Asado {only on Sundays}

8. Cafe Lattente, Palermo Soho, Cafe

9. LAB Tostadores De Cafe, Palermo Hollywood, Cafe

10. Punto Letra Pasteleria, Palermo Soho, Cafe and Pasteleria

4.5 forks:

1. Green Bamboo, Palermo Hollywood, Southeast Asian

2. Fukuro Noodle Bar, Palermo Hollywood, Ramen Noodles and other Asian food

3. Uco Restaurant, Palermo Hollywood, Sophisticated Food

4. Cocu’s Boulangerie, Palermo Soho, Boulangerie/Cafe

5. Victoria Brown Bar, Palermo Soho, Bar

6. Monzu Pizza Bar, Palermo Viejo, Pizza Bar

7. Birkin Cafe, Palermo Botanico, Cafe

8. La Fabrica Del Taco, Palermo Soho, Mexican

9. Gran Dabanng, Palermo Viejo, Indian

10. Full City Coffee House, Palermo Soho, Cafe

11. La Hormiga, Palermo Soho, Argentine

12. Don Julio, Palermo Soho, Parrilla

4 forks:

1. La Choza, Palermo Viejo, Parrilla

2. La Cabrera, Palermo Soho, Parrilla

3. Ninina Bakery, Palermo Soho, Cafe

4. Olaya, Palermo Hollywood, Peruvian Fusion

5. Bobo Restaurant. Palermo Soho, Argentine

6. Victoria Brown Cafe, Palermo Soho, Cafe

7. Nucha Patisserie, Palermo Soho, Cafe and Pasteleria

8. Pain et Vin, Palermo Soho, Wine Bar

9. Il Materelo, Palermo Soho, Italian

10. Koh Lanta, Palermo Soho, Thai

11. Taj Mahal, Palermo Viejo, Indian

3 forks:

1. Mark’s Deli and Cafe, Palermo Soho, Cafe

2. Cafe Crespin, Villa Crespo, Cafe

3. Limbo, Palermo Soho, Argentine

4. Hola Sinior Shawarma, Palermo Soho, Shawarma/Fast Food

5. Chipper, Palermo Hollywood, British

Not worth visiting:

1. B-blue Deli and Natural Bar, Palermo Soho, Cafe

2. Biutiful Restaurant, Palermo Soho, Cafe

3. Minga, Palermo Soho, Parrilla

4. Mishiguene, Palermo Botanico, Modern Jewish

5. Muu Lecheria, Palermo Soho, Diner


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