El Rey de Chori: Get your Sunday Sausage now

There’s a reason why Sunday in Buenos Aires is my favorite day of the week, and it’s called El Rey de Chori. We discovered this little gem while we were being shoved around by the massive throng of tourists and aggressive vendors in the San Telmo fair. Seeking refuge from the overwhelming crowds, aggressive vendors, and the occasional pick-pocket, my friends and I found ourselves in a parking … Continue reading El Rey de Chori: Get your Sunday Sausage now

[Quick edit] B-ware of B-blue

Welcome to the first of my quick edits! I sound excited while writing this but I’m really not. I don’t care enough about B-blue to ever go again, but just enough to warn you away from making a terrible decision. B-ware of B-blue Located on prime Palermo Soho real estate, “B-blue Deli and Natural Bar” has all the trappings to make you want to visit. … Continue reading [Quick edit] B-ware of B-blue

Luba’s Lentejas

As I’ve probably mentioned a number of times, I have an Airbnb amazing host here in Buenos Aires, Luba! She goes to great lengths to make her place feel like your own. Despite its obvious advantages of being located in one of the best parts of the city and being within a stone’s throw of almost every great restaurant/cafe/bar in town, it comes with a larger-than-life … Continue reading Luba’s Lentejas

Happy Hours Make for Happy Diners at La Cabrera

PSA: La Cabrera has happy hours Why that matters: everything, yes EVERYTHING is 40% off When: 7-8:30 every day in one of the 3 La Cabrera’s on Jose Antonio Cabrera If you managed to read this far without calling your friends/family/neighbors and making plans to go to La Cabrera, here’s the lowdown: Started by renowned chef Gaston Riveira, La Cabrera is a top-quality parrilla frequented … Continue reading Happy Hours Make for Happy Diners at La Cabrera

Ready, Set, Juice! The Factory in Palermo Soho

While I’ve largely remained immune from the so-healthy-it’s-unhealthy obsession with juice, juice cleanses, and detoxes in the US, my 2 months here in Buenos Aires have changed that. Ever since I stumbled across The Factory, a juice bar in Palermo, I found my true calling. Started by a Danish-Venezuelan couple, Ayaz and Liyanleth, The Factory opened it’s doors 2 years ago with a goal to … Continue reading Ready, Set, Juice! The Factory in Palermo Soho

Ramenderful: Fukuro Noodle Bar

Having spent my last summer in Seoul, South Korea, I developed a huge ramen obsession. While ramen is usually associated with fast food, and sold as instant noodles, it is also a somewhat gourmet phenomenon, with ramen bars popping up all around the US and Asia, all serving fancy versions of the popular noodle dish. So no wonder I was delighted when I crossed Fukuro … Continue reading Ramenderful: Fukuro Noodle Bar

5 Forks for Burger Joint

While I usually refrain from reviewing popular places, Burger Joint is an exception. The popular eatery makes some of the best burgers in town, and is frequented by tourists and porteños alike. One visit to the Palermo Soho outpost is all it takes to become an addict. My first visit to this institution was within my first week of being in Buenos Aires. After having … Continue reading 5 Forks for Burger Joint

Green Bamboo: Forking Good Asian Food in Buenos Aires

After spending a month in Buenos Aires, my taste buds started demanding diversity in flavors. I needed to move beyond the Argentine staple of steak and potatoes and rediscover my Asian roots. While I love the local food here, it does not boast of the flavors Asian cuisine offers. I needed change. I needed a plate (or rather, multiple plates) full of Asian food. Enter … Continue reading Green Bamboo: Forking Good Asian Food in Buenos Aires

Shop Hop Buenos Aires

An interview with Sophie Lloyd, Founder of Shop Hop Buenos Aires Apart from the fact that its universities attract students from all over South America, Buenos Aires attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world. Founder of Shop Hop Buenos Aires, a company which provides personal shopping services, tours, and experiences, Sophie Lloyd is one such entrepreneur. English-born and educated Sophie made her first foray abroad … Continue reading Shop Hop Buenos Aires