Take a food walk of Old Delhi and Chandni Chowk with foodie, historian, and social commentator, Vivan Marwaha. After launching, one of Buenos Aires’ most famous food blogs, I will be conducting bespoke food tours of Delhi for foodies and travelers from inside and outside India.   History-focused food walks Join me at Jama Masjid, one of India’s largest mosques, for a personalized and … Continue reading LAUNCHING THE DELHI FOOD WALK

La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life in Mendoza

Editor’s note: Payson Ruhl is a sophomore at Claremont McKenna College, majoring in International Relations. She spent her summer working at a technology company in Mendoza, Argentina, while eating her way around the city in her spare time. Read what she has to write about gelato in Argentina! ** Flash back to early April when I found out I had secured an internship in Mendoza, … Continue reading La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life in Mendoza


Known for its world-class Malbec, Argentina is slowly warming up to another liquor: Cinzano. Developed in faraway Turin in the eighteenth century, Cinzano is an Italian vermouth characterized by its sweet yet full-bodied texture. Being a country of immigrants, Cinzano made the transatlantic journey to Argentina along with the large Italian population that migrated to the country’s shores. If you haven’t had Cinzano before, you’re missing … Continue reading 5 CINZANO COCKTAILS YOU NEED TO TRY RIGHT NOW

Refined Casual Cuisine: Helena Bar and Resto

As I’ve mentioned countless times, I love living in Palermo Soho. The hundred+ restaurants make sure I’m always spoilt for choice. Despite the wide variety of cuisines, there’s this one place I’m obsessed with. It’s called Helena Bar and Resto. Located right in the middle of Soho, but shielded from the hustle and bustle of some of its more crowded streets, Helena is a real hidden … Continue reading Refined Casual Cuisine: Helena Bar and Resto

Floreria Atlantico: Speakeasy in this Flower Shop

Did you ever wonder about what happens when Buenos Aires’ top mixologist and one of its foremost sommeliers join forces? Floreria Atlantico is what happens. Named the best bar in Latin America, and ranked number 10 on the list of the world’s 50 best bars, Floreria Atlantico was started by sommelier extraordinaire Julian Diaz of 878 fame, and ace mixologist Renato Giovannoni. The result: an unassuming … Continue reading Floreria Atlantico: Speakeasy in this Flower Shop

All You Need is LAB

Attention Coffee Lovers: LAB Tostadores De Cafe has everything you could ever want. And a bit more. Ever since it opened about three years ago, LAB has grown to become a prized institution for Buenos Aires coffee enthusiasts. With beans from all over the world (Costa Rica, India and, saving the best for last–Colombia), the Palermo Hollywood cafe has a huge variety of coffee presses … Continue reading All You Need is LAB


Despite it’s rampant coffee culture, Buenos Aires cafes can serve some really disappointing coffee. I’ve had too many experiences of weak coffee, too much cinnamon in my coffee, or being served something that’s supposed to be coffee but really isn’t.  Enter Lattente, the answer to my prayers for good coffee. Lattente is a small cafe which specializes in, you guessed it–lattes. It’s also super close … Continue reading L-art-ente

El Rey de Chori: Get your Sunday Sausage now

There’s a reason why Sunday in Buenos Aires is my favorite day of the week, and it’s called El Rey de Chori. We discovered this little gem while we were being shoved around by the massive throng of tourists and aggressive vendors in the San Telmo fair. Seeking refuge from the overwhelming crowds, aggressive vendors, and the occasional pick-pocket, my friends and I found ourselves in a parking … Continue reading El Rey de Chori: Get your Sunday Sausage now

Luba’s Lentejas

As I’ve probably mentioned a number of times, I have an Airbnb amazing host here in Buenos Aires, Luba! She goes to great lengths to make her place feel like your own. Despite its obvious advantages of being located in one of the best parts of the city and being within a stone’s throw of almost every great restaurant/cafe/bar in town, it comes with a larger-than-life … Continue reading Luba’s Lentejas

Ready, Set, Juice! The Factory in Palermo Soho

While I’ve largely remained immune from the so-healthy-it’s-unhealthy obsession with juice, juice cleanses, and detoxes in the US, my 2 months here in Buenos Aires have changed that. Ever since I stumbled across The Factory, a juice bar in Palermo, I found my true calling. Started by a Danish-Venezuelan couple, Ayaz and Liyanleth, The Factory opened it’s doors 2 years ago with a goal to … Continue reading Ready, Set, Juice! The Factory in Palermo Soho