Hi guys,

Welcome to It’s Forking Good, my guide to forking good food around the world! My name is Vivan, and I am a self-declared gourmand with a passion for food and an interest in International Relations (I majored in IR at a small liberal arts college in California). I love cooking food, talking about food, and most importantly eating food–all kinds of it. I spent a summer in Seoul, South Korea, stuffing my mouth with local specialties, including a preparation of live octopus. Ok, it was actually dead, but it was served right after they killed it, so it was still moving. I have no regrets.

I firmly believe in the greatness of the fork. It’s quite possibly the most important tool you’ll ever use, so use it wisely. You don’t want that bad experience of picking up and putting a forkful of bad food in your mouth, or do you? That’s where the name for this blog comes from because only f**king good food should be going in your mouth–forking of course, what did you think?

I love traveling and am currently (July, 2015) in Buenos Aires, Argentina–one of the most fascinating cities I have visited. It’s my first visit to South America, and I’m loving my culinary adventures here. From the intense steak and potatoes addiction in Buenos Aires to the Llama meat in the Northeast to the vineyards of Mendoza and Patagonia–I have sampled it all and will be posting my experiences here, so stay tuned!

I hate being greedy eating all the delicious food here without sharing my experiences with others. In my short while here I have stumbled across quite a few amazing restaurants, collected some great traditional recipes and gone on some pretty cool food adventures. I will be posting restaurant reviews (including forking bad ones which you’ll hopefully avoid), soon-to-become-not-so-secret recipes, and other fun stuff.

Update: I’m now in Delhi, India, where I will be leading bespoke food walks beginning on February 3rd, 2018. Check this page out to learn more! Given that I grew up in Delhi, I know the city like the back of my hand. Please get in touch if you’d like to join me for my food walk of Old Delhi and Jama Masjid, or want recommendations while planning your trip to India. I will soon unveil restaurant and nightlife recommendations for Delhi as well!

Stay tuned, and never hesitate from commenting on my posts!

Chomp chomp fork fork


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