Best Wi-Fi Coffee Shops in South Delhi

Four of the best cafes in South Delhi with great coffee and fast wi-fi. The perfect places to hangout or get work done!

One of the perks of being an author is flexibility. I have all the research I need stored on my computer, so I can set myself up wherever and get some writing done. I was recently in Portugal (check out my Instagram for some #forkinggood pics), and I managed to write half a chapter in wine country. It was a pretty spectacular setting for a remote office.

However, since I moved to India, when I’m not out in the field conducting interviews, I’m usually doing my research or writing out of a coffee shop in South Delhi. Since I’ve acquired some street cred in the last year, I thought I’d share some secrets with others looking for a good cup of coffee, fast Wi-Fi, and a productive environment to get work done in South Delhi.

I have 4 recommendations for good cafes in South Delhi. They all offer good Wi-Fi, great coffee, and a nice environment

  1. Perch (Vasant Vihar and Khan Market)

Both the Perch’s are probably my favorites of all Wi-Fi coffee places in Delhi because they not only serve great coffee but have a pretty extensive food menu as well. Their breakfast, with quite a few healthy options, is top-notch, and Perch is the kind of place where you can work by yourself, or also use as a meeting spot. It’s formal enough to be socially acceptable yet informal enough to not feel conscious when you put your headphones in and knock some pages or spreadsheets out.

Perch, Vasant Vihar | Image courtesy: EazyDiner

Pro-tip: If location doesn’t matter, go to the Perch in Vasant Vihar (Basant Lok) instead of Khan Market since I personally think its food is better and I like the setup a little more.

2. Blue Tokai (Vasant Vihar)

Blue Tokai has hands down the best coffee in this list and a big list of beans and methods to choose from. Go for their pour-overs if you’re a true aficionado, or order an iced latte in this heat like I do. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. The Blue Tokai in Vasant Vihar just revamped its menu as well, and I’m a fan of their Five Spices French fries. I’m a little disappointed they took their grilled cheese sandwiches off the menu since I was obsessed with the Rosemary one, but it’s probably better for my overall health 🙂

Blue Tokai also sells coffee beans and other merchandise at its stores, so you should pay a visit if you’re looking for some good quality Indian beans for home.

Blue Tokai | Image courtesy: EatTreat

Pro-tip: if you prefer a quiet, or moderately quiet environment to get work done, avoid the Saket location. It’s extremely loud and honestly a little unsettling. The Blue Tokai in Hauz Khas market is a collaboration with Big Fat Sandwich and Miam (whose cakes I love) but the air conditioning is patchy, and their Wi-Fi never seems to work. Go to Vasant Vihar or Sikandarpur if you’re looking for consistency and zen.

3. The Grammar Room (Mehrauli)

The Grammar Room | Image courtesy: LBB

The Grammar Room is probably the most stylish and Instagram-able option of the cafes on this list. Its location could not be better: inside Delhi’s best standalone Mediterranean restaurant Olive (and one of my favorites as well), and overlooking a tropical forest with the Qutab Minar nearby. The Grammar Room has great natural light and plenty of board games if you need to take a break. There’s a big food and drinks menu (with lots of healthy options) as well so you won’t have to worry about being hungry.

4. Coffee Bond (Greater Kailash 1)

I’ve only been to Coffee Bond once, but I really liked it. In Greater Kailash 1 M-Block market, it’s a little further away than the other places on this list, but it has tons of seating and lots of coffee and food options. Check it out if you’re looking for a place for more informal kind of work since they have some innovative seating that you shouldn’t miss!

Coffee Bond | Image courtesy: WhatsHot

Others: Café Dori (nice food, but not the best place to get work done), The Brew Room (average) and Café Tesu (nice place, but a bizarre one-hour limit on Wi-Fi).

As always, feel free to comment below and don’t forget to check my Instagram out!


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