Restaurant & Food Reviews coming to New Delhi

Hello readers!

Thank you for your love and support since I launched this blog three years ago. You guys made me one of South America’s most viewed food bloggers, and my piece on Buenos Aires’ incredible nightlife has reached over 100,000 views. Muchas gracias

It’s been a while since I posted my restaurant reviews and I’m ready to return to what I love doing – critiquing other people’s food. I am currently in New Delhi, India, currently working on my first book (yes! its been quite a ride) on Indian millennials. But unfortunately, the food blogging scene here isn’t too great. Almost every review website has paid promotions and its hard to tell which reviews are sponsored.

That’s why I’ve decided to jump in and bring my no-bs reviews to Delhi. I will be posting regular restaurant and food reviews! Comment on this post with questions, requests, and ideas and stay tuned friends!

** I had to create a whole new Instagram since I lost access to my OG account. Please follow the new one @WhatsForkinGood **


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