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Known for its world-class Malbec, Argentina is slowly warming up to another liquor: Cinzano. Developed in faraway Turin in the eighteenth century, Cinzano is an Italian vermouth characterized by its sweet yet full-bodied texture. Being a country of immigrants, Cinzano made the transatlantic journey to Argentina along with the large Italian population that migrated to the country’s shores.

If you haven’t had Cinzano before, you’re missing out. Here’s the lowdown: it comes in four versions, all perfect for mixology. Cinzano Rosso is the most popular in Argentina, and noticeable by its amber color. It’s slightly fruity, but has some great smoky notes. There’s also Bianco, which is made from dry white wine, Extra Dry, which like the name suggests is pretty dry (and as far as I have seen, not available in Buenos Aires), and Rosé, which is the newest addition to the Italian familia, is made from a sweet Rosé with light notes of orange.

I decided to scour the bars and boliches of Buenos Aires to compile a list of 5 Cinzano cocktails worth a drink.

Read the full article I wrote for Vinepair here.



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