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Refined Casual Cuisine: Helena Bar and Resto

As I’ve mentioned countless times, I love living in Palermo Soho. The hundred+ restaurants make sure I’m always spoilt for choice. Despite the wide variety of cuisines, there’s this one place I’m obsessed with.

It’s called Helena Bar and Resto.

Located right in the middle of Soho, but shielded from the hustle and bustle of some of its more crowded streets, Helena is a real hidden gem. With homey and quirky interiors, the place has a lovely bohemian vibe and outstanding service.


Started by chef-couple Flor and Nando in 2010, Helena cooks up some amazing burgers, beautiful fresh salads, and delicious drinks. When I first asked Flor about what’s good on the menu, she responded with “everything is great.”

And she was right. Everything on the menu is amazing.

Here’s the lowdown.

If you’re looking for casual food, Helena is the place for you. It’s a refined take on casual, comfortable food. Most items on the menu will leave you asking for more.


If you’re looking for some energy, order this really great and caffeinated cappucino milkshake


The first time I went, I ordered this fried chicken sandwich called the yankee burger. It’s made of fried chicken, arugula, mayonnaise, and comes with some wonderful potato chips. They’re made fresh, and a nice change from the frozen stuff most other places serve.

IMG_3317Eager to get some greens, we ordered this lovely fresh salad. It had smoked salmon, a bunch of greens, and a poached egg on top. The flavors went really well together. We also had a pitcher of fresh orange juice mixed with campari to help us wash down the food.


If you’re looking for something light, Helena is once again, the place for you. While the salads are great, this soup was delicious. I don’t remember the name, but it’s green, and a pretty distinctive item on the menu.

And saving the best for the last…….


This BOMB Burger. It puts the burgers at Burger Joint to shame. It’s called the foodtruck burger, and it’s made of amazing melty beef and amazing melty cheese and it was amazing. As you can see, I’m pretty lost for words.

I’m so glad I ordered it because I was really hungry when I walked in and it was the perfect cure for my massive hunger pang. I also got the mint and ginger lemonade to help me put down all the great food.

I would definitely reccomend a visit to Helena. It’s refined casual food in a homely and fun environment. If you don’t go for the food, go to make friends with its great owners.

5 forks for Helena Bar and Resto.

Helena Bar and Resto

Nicaragua 4816, Palermo

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  1. Not only the food is fresh, delicious and unique, but the staff and owner are amazing. Everytime we visit BA we go to Helena Bar and Resto.


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