5 forks Buenos Aires Cafes

All You Need is LAB

Attention Coffee Lovers: LAB Tostadores De Cafe has everything you could ever want. And a bit more.

Ever since it opened about three years ago, LAB has grown to become a prized institution for Buenos Aires coffee enthusiasts. With beans from all over the world (Costa Rica, India and, saving the best for last–Colombia), the Palermo Hollywood cafe has a huge variety of coffee presses and baristas with insane skills who make a pretty mean brew. The baristas are among the best in town, and the coffee is waaay better than my previous addiction: San Francisco’s Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee. While you could always get your typical cappuccino//latte, do what the real aficionados do, and get a Costa Rican aeropress like this:

photo 1

IT’S SERVED IN A BEAKER. Need I say more?

I will say more.

Since it’s so focused in giving us great coffee, LAB supplies beans to quite a few cafes around town. Lattente, Felix Felicis and Co., and Le Pain Quotidien are just a few of the places I know that brew LAB’s kickass beans. So if you’re ever feeling so lazy that you can’t walk across the tracks into the land of radio stations and television studios that is Palermo Hollywood, you could always get your fix at one of these other places.

However, if you do head over to LAB, you will be rewarded.

With this fucking forking good chocolate cookie. Possibly the best chocolate cookie I have ever had.


In the words of my favorite food blogger, Pick Up The Fork, it’s “THE ABSOLUTE BEST MOTHAFUCKIN CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE” 

AND, if you needed ANOTHER reason to go, every other week LAB organizes 4 hour barista training workshops which are pretty sick.

5 forks for LAB Tostadores De Cafe

LAB Tostadores De Cafe

Humboldt 1542, Palermo Hollywood

Featured image photo credit: LAB Tostadores De Cafe


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