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Shop and Eat till you Drop: San Telmo’s Sunday Fair

The Sunday fair in San Telmo is one of those places on every tourist’s to-do-list. It’s practically heaven for those interested in buying mate pots, leather handbags, postcards, knives (yes, knives), jewelry, cheap Chinese-made sunglasses, and other fun stuff. Albeit, I’m not a huge fan of shopping, but there’s something about the aggressive vendors and massive crowds that makes the fair a lot less attractive to me.

However, there’s a certain San Telmo gem (El Rey de Chori) that forces me to get on the D line and make my pilgrimage almost every Sunday.

Since I was at the fair this past Sunday, I decided to take a stroll down and click some pictures for y’all. The San Telmo feria is very similar to the one in Palermo, except for the fact that it has 10x more mate pot sellers, 20x more people, and a lot more character. While the Palermo market is mostly Chinese made stuff, you’re more likely to find a traditional handicraft in San Telmo. If not, you can always just eat your sorrows away by munching on an empanada, drinking freshly squeezed orange juice, or getting the BOMB choripan like I do.

Here are some photos I took:

In case you didn’t know, mate is pretty popular here


You can call it an addiction


Follow the smoke to arrive at this parking lot….home to the AMAZING El Rey de Chori, San Telmo’s crown jewel


If you’re not in the mood for choripan, get yourself an empanada


Or get a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice


And of course, there’s stuff to buy too. Like knives and leather shoes.


And spare silverware


And jewelry


And whatever this is


I loved this shop the most because I have my own miniature guitar collection and was desperately looking to add a new piece 🙂


Get yourself a leather journal, preferably one with a cover which has the South American map on it, to show people you were here of course (the not-so-humble brag)


And obviously you can’t have a street market without some cheap Chinese made stuff on sale


There are some really nice stores too, in case you want some refuge from the swelling crowds and aggressive vendors


This is Plaza Dorrego, one of the more picturesque locales of San Telmo



Some really cool vintage stuff


vintage contd.


vintage pt.3

Even if you’re not a big shopper like me, you should definitely make a visit to the fair. Get some choripan, check out Walrus Books for used English books, get some amazing coffee at Coffee Town, or gorge on a burger at El Banco Rojo.

San Telmo Feria

On Calle Defensa, every Sunday

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