5 forks Buenos Aires Cafes Restaurants


Despite it’s rampant coffee culture, Buenos Aires cafes can serve some really disappointing coffee. I’ve had too many experiences of weak coffee, too much cinnamon in my coffee, or being served something that’s supposed to be coffee but really isn’t. 

Enter Lattente, the answer to my prayers for good coffee.

Lattente is a small cafe which specializes in, you guessed it–lattes. It’s also super close to my Airbnb which is one of the many reasons of why I’m such a huge fan. Started by two of the best baristas in town, Lattente “is all about the coffee.” It’s so about the coffee that they don’t have wifi.

While the no-wifi policy can be kind of annoying, it really does allow you to focus on the coffee and/or the person sitting opposite you and/or the book you picked up from their bookshelf.

And you want to focus on the coffee. Because it’s really fucking forking good.

Sometimes pictures, like this one, can speak more than a thousand words

Lattente gets its beans from the famous Buenos Aires coffee institution, LAB. While LAB has a huge variety of coffee beans (from Costa Rican to Colombian to Indian), Lattente only uses a special blend of Colombian beans (the best ones in my opinion). The barista team is pretty international, and they make killer lattes, moccacinos (chocolate, foamy milk, and two shots of espresso), and something called coffee+booze which I haven’t tried yet but nonetheless sounds orgasmic.

The coffee itself is top quality. What more can I say about the finest Colombian beans made by super talented baristas using a lean mean coffee machine?

AAAAND if you’re at Lattente on a Saturday afternoon like I was once, you might see this AMAZING baker set up shop outside:


This is what I love about this city. There’s food everywhere. This baker came by and started selling these super yummy cannolis right there on the sidewalk. They looked suuuper good. He was assembling them on the spot, which means that I was just staring in awe while he piped the cream into the cannoli, and then dipped the ends in a beautiful pistachio//nutty mixture. It was food porn at its finest.

In my stupidity, I thought I’d be able to get one by the time I left, but half an hour later, they were all gone. *cries*

The last canoli
And then there were none

If you do order a latte, make sure to get it with two espresso shots, it can be pretty milky otherwise.

5 forks for Lattente


Thames 1891, Palermo Soho

Average price: 40 pesos


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