Bad Buenos Aires Restaurants

[Quick edit] B-ware of B-blue

Welcome to the first of my quick edits! I sound excited while writing this but I’m really not. I don’t care enough about B-blue to ever go again, but just enough to warn you away from making a terrible decision.

B-ware of B-blue

Located on prime Palermo Soho real estate, “B-blue Deli and Natural Bar” has all the trappings to make you want to visit. Nice interiors, lots of lighting, and a welcoming staff. When I first walked in, i thought I struck gold.

Do not go to B-blue. Let me tell you why.

Despite being marketed as “natural” and “healthy,” the food at B-blue is a far throw from those commonly used terms. Maybe it was a bad decision to order a dish with salmon, but I’m pretty sure it was stale and it was so overcooked that at one point I forgot I was eating fish altogether.

I ordered their lunch special, so I was given a bottle of over-citrusy lemonade and a very weak coffee to add to my delight. I couldn’t really taste any coffee in what was served to me, because it was dusted with so much cinnamon I was in sensory overload. Still questioning whether I was actually served coffee or something that they call coffee.

That’s all I can write about B-blue without regretting going there even more. I would also post some pictures but thankfully I didn’t take any.


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