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Ready, Set, Juice! The Factory in Palermo Soho

While I’ve largely remained immune from the so-healthy-it’s-unhealthy obsession with juice, juice cleanses, and detoxes in the US, my 2 months here in Buenos Aires have changed that. Ever since I stumbled across The Factory, a juice bar in Palermo, I found my true calling.

Started by a Danish-Venezuelan couple, Ayaz and Liyanleth, The Factory opened it’s doors 2 years ago with a goal to promote a healthier lifestyle in Argentina. It’s clearly working since I’m pretty sure that The Factory is the only reason I haven’t got scurvy in this insanely fruit deprived city. The space itself is cheerful and simple, with bright pink walls, and the juicer occupying center stage. One of the many great things about The Factory is that they make your order fresh, right in front of you. Talk about fresh and healthy.

While they have a pretty big menu of juices to choose from, I usually go for Avocado, Kiwi, Passionfruit and Green Apple, (unusual combination but super good) and watch as the magic unfolds:

photo 3Passionfruit is being prepared to go in the blender

photo 1 (1) Now time for that avocado
photo 2 (1)

Into the blender goes all the good stuff

photo 4

Now, one at a time, (whole) green apples are put into their turbocharged juicer, to make green liquidy deliciousness emerge

photo 5

And into the cup it all goes. No added ingredients, just the fresh and natural stuff. Get ready to wave goodbye to all the watered down stuff you get elsewhere

photo 5 (1)

A little bit for everyone

photo 1 (2)

Aaaand, as if they needed to make it any better, they have stamp cards for deal sharks like me. After 8 juices, you get one free. I achieved this within my first month. It’s an addiction.

The factory also offers juice cleanses and detoxes which you can play around with.

Definitely 5 forks for The Factory

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The Factory

El Salvador 4995, Palermo Soho

Small juices for 35 pesos, and Large ones for 40


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