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5 Forks for Burger Joint

While I usually refrain from reviewing popular places, Burger Joint is an exception. The popular eatery makes some of the best burgers in town, and is frequented by tourists and porteños alike. One visit to the Palermo Soho outpost is all it takes to become an addict.


My first visit to this institution was within my first week of being in Buenos Aires. After having heard about Burger Joint from possibly every expat in town, I was instructed to order either the La Bleu or the La Mexican burger. The La Bleu, unsurprisingly has blue cheese, caramelized onions, arugula, mushrooms and other fun stuff, while the La Mexican has jalapenos, chillies, onions, cheese, guacamole and some other really yummy fillings that I’m forgetting. They also have some other choices, a BBQ burger, a Jamaican burger, and even a veggie one for all you healthy folks. While the burgers themselves are 60 pesos (no, I’m not kidding), you can get fries and a glass of draught beer or Sangria for a 100 pesos. Pretty sweet deal in my opinion.


Thank god I ordered the Mexican. I have never had such a good burger. The patty was melt-in-your-mouth good and the guacamole and chillies gave it a ton of flavor. I asked for curried ketchup (a special kind of spicy ketchup Burger Joint makes) to have with my fries and I was in heaven. I have never finished a burger so fast before–3 minutes and 22 seconds, yes I timed myself. Once I was done eating I remembered that I had a Scottish Ale too, which was a perfect boozy finish to an outstanding lunch. **food coma begins**

5 forks for sure
P.S: Don’t go on the weekends if you don’t have intentions of waiting in line for over an hour.

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Burger Joint

Jorge Luis Borges 1776, Palermo Soho

Average price: 100 pesos for the good stuff

Open from 12 pm to midnight everyday



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