Welcome to It’s Forking Good, my guide to forking good food around the world! Your fork is quite possibly the most important tool you’ll ever use, so USE IT WISELY. You don’t want that bad experience of picking up and putting a forkful of bad food in your mouth, or do you?

My name is Vivan and I am currently a college student. Food is my passion, and through this blog (and social media accounts) I will be sharing my culinary adventures and gastronomic experiences. I love traveling and am currently (June, 2015) in Buenos Aires, Argentina–which is one of the most fascinating cities I have ever visited.

I hate being greedy eating all the delicious food here without sharing my experiences with others. In my short while here I have stumbled across quite a few AMAZING restaurants, collected some great traditional recipes and gone on some pretty cool food adventures. I will be posting restaurant reviews (including forking bad ones which you’ll hopefully avoid), soon-to-become-not-so-secret recipes, and other fun stuff.

Stay tuned, and never hesitate from commenting on my posts!

Chomp chomp fork fork


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